Parish Giving

Where does this money go?

  • All money donated to the St Vincent de Paul Society at St Matthias through Parish Giving goes to the Society for assisting our neighbors in need.
  • Applicable Parish Giving transaction fees (approximately 2%) will be deducted from your contribution.

If you have an account on Parish Giving

and you have already chosen St Matthias Church as your organization

  • Log onto your account
  • Click on “Schedule a new donation” on the organization page
  • Click on “Parish Collections”
  • Select “St Vincent de Paul Society”
  • Complete all the related fields and choose “Next”
  • When you are finished with making donations, please remember to choose “Save”

If St Matthias Church is not one of your organizations

  • Open your Parish Giving account and click on “Add Organization”
  • Search on “St Matthias Church” and Click on “Add”
  • Once the organization has been added, click on St Matthias and follow the instructions above

If you don’t already have a Parish Giving Account

  • Click here to reach Parish Giving and sign up today.

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