More ways to give

Memorial Donations

Any type of donation to the St Vincent de Paul Society can be made in remembrance of a friend or loved one. Know that we include in our continued prayer our deceased benefactors.

Donating from Your Retirement Account

If you have an retirement account such as an IRA, at a certain age you are required to begin drawing a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). This distribution is taxed as ordinary income and increases the amount you may have to pay in taxes.

Turning an RMD into gift directly to a qualified nonprofit such as St. Vincent de Paul means you wouldn’t need to pay taxes on that charitable amount.

Speak with your retirement account manager for details on how you can make this happen.

Remembering SVDP in Your Will

In your will, you can leave a gift of a specific dollar amount, specific property, or a percentage of value to St. Vincent de Paul Society. Many people choose to care for both individuals and for charities with final gifts, just like they do year after year.

These gifts emphasize who and what were important to you.

You should speak with your lawyer in arranging giving through your will so your wishes are carried out.  

Beneficiary Designations

In addition to remembering St. Vincent in your will, you can also add our organization as a partial or full beneficiary for your IRA, other retirement plan, life insurance policy, commercial annuity, or even your bank account. In order to do this,  reach out to your retirement plan administrator, insurance company, or bank/financial institution for their help.

Donate your vehicle

The St Vincent de Paul organization has an easy to use Vehicle Donation Program. Click here for more information.

Whatever method you choose to help us, our legal name is
St. Vincent de Paul Society at St Matthias Church
and our Tax ID is  82-5505040

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